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Cause and Effect Essay – The Causes of Divorce

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Subject: Cause and Effect
Source of material:
Event to be analyzed: Divorce
Controlling idea: 3 + main + causes or effects
Point of view: third persoon
Verb tense: present


Title: The Causes of Divorce

Paragraph 1: Introduction

Good beginning: From the past to present, people all over the world have determined to live together, which is called “get marriage” in another word, so that they depend on for living each other.
Topic sentence: Nevertheless, some couples are unable to maintain their relationship; therefore they choose divorce, which is one of the solutions to cope with problems between husband and wife.
Thesis statement: There are three main causes of divorce: changing woman’s roles, stress in modern living and lack of communication, which are highlighted below.

Paragraph 2: Body

Topic sentence: The first significant cause of recent rise in the rates of divorce is that women completely change in roles.
Supporting idea: The equality between men and women in roles are very clear at
the moment, thus women can work outside to earn money, while men share the household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing as well as caring for children.
Restatement: It can be clearly seen that women are independent from money as
they can earn money by themselves to support their living cost.
Accordingly, the divorce rates recently rise.

Paragraph 3: Body

Topic sentence: Another cause to confirm the recent increase in divorce rates is stress in modern living.
Supporting idea: Some people are laid off from their companies; consequently the stress occurs in their family, which leads to divorce.
Restatement: It is no doubt that the stress in modern living may lead to recently
increasing divorce rates.

Paragraph 4: Body

Topic sentence: The final cause of recently increasing divorce is lack of communication.
Supporting idea: Some couples are often quiet when they have problems each other, as a consequence little problems can be expanded to probably become huge problems, resulting in divorce.
Restatement: It is quite clear that the more communications are used, the more
divorce rates are reduced.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion

Topic sentence: At the moment, divorce have become the substantial problem because of changing women’s roles, stress in modern living and lack of communication.
Concluding sentence: Although people trend to think carefully before they get
marriage, the rates of divorce continuously rise nowadays.

Summary: Couples who take the time and effort to educate themselves about quality relationships and who practice effective communication skills in their interactions with each other will be helpful to maintain their marriage.



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